Top 7 Tips To Shop Smart And Save Money

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The world of shopping has always been the territory of women but in recent times it has also included the metro-sexual men who like to shop with an equal vengeance. One could be passing through the airport lobby or through the leading lanes to the train station. There is so much on offer, and the temptations are unending. All the more reasons to shop wisely. if one shops wisely, then it’s easy to save money for the best buys of the season.

The Top 7 tips to save money while shopping is:

1. Create & Stick to your Shopping List:

The world is full of choices and when it comes to shopping for clothes, cosmetics and many such fancy things it is easy to get allured in the dream world. Every dress is most likely to look good on you and yes, you want that latest lipstick color for yourself. The shopping paradise has so much to offer. To save the money, it’s best to shop with a list in hand. The list will tell you, what your priorities are and what can be left to be picked at the next season sale.

2. Avoid Shopping because you are Bored

As the psychologist confirm the phenomenon of shopping often has its root to the fact that people feel lonely and need that human interface around. Also, many a times people tend to reconfirm their emotional power to themselves by shopping for some mundane items. If you are feeling bored, avoid going shopping else all the money that you saved for that year end red dress will be spent on some irrelevant baggy military pants.

3. Mind the Company

Going for shopping with a wrong friend is a sure shot disaster. Any friend of yours who is a compulsive shopper will influence you in ways you would never know. It will become evident only when you see your shopping bill. If you want to save on shopping money, then avoid the company of shopping obsessed friend. Period.

4. Bring only one Credit Card or Bring Only Enough Cash

Now that you are inside the shop, the real control must come into the play. To carry minimal cash is the best option to save money while shopping. Once you have your list and have limited money, you know what you can afford and what is your priority. Again carrying only one credit or debit card can work hugely in helping you save money while at a mall. The psychological pressure can help you save your valuable money.

5. Evaluate and Compare

Did you find that new bag with a battery charger cheap? Wait, look for other stores to check the comparative prices. Luckily in today’s world one can even check prices on the Internet. Once you know the range of bargain you can get on the particular item, just go for the best deal and save your money while shopping right away.

6. Shop for Winer in Summer sales

Do you feel like laughing at this tip? Well, when you realize how much you will save shopping with this tip will instantly make you incredibly happy. Have you noticed that the best of winter coats are cheaper in summer, and the bathing suits are more affordable in winter? Yes, that is the truth. Try and design your shopping habits around this principle and you will be the one who will be laughing away to the bank.

7. Smell the Sale’s tricks

Shopping in sale season is the best strategy. We have coded that into our genes. However, many times the markdowns or sales are not sales. It is best to go comparing in the other markdown stores, and you would be surprised to see the same items at much lower prices than the selling price in your favorite store.

Now, inhale deep and make these seven shopping tips a way of life and you will have more wardrobe items than your rival for sure.