Singing and Children

Singing and Children:

Since everything in the world is new to children, start with the most fundamental concepts first.

Start with simple songs, selecting songs which are two or three pitches is an easy pick. Help the child to understand the words and pronounce them fluently. Preferring children’s favorite choice of songs would help to teach them better.

To make a child sing it would be better if you sing out to them. Singing without accompaniment is far better for a child’s development than playing her a CD of kids’ music. When you sing, he sees the way your mouth moves, the way you breathe, and he observes your love of singing first hand. It allows a child to bond with you personally and associate certain songs with her love for you. The benefits of singing to your child are significant regardless of whether you sing well or even in tune. You may not be the best role model for pitch, but you show your child how to produce a tone that is sung.

Try to be creative by making up songs out of simple sentence like “I am going out to the market to get some groceries” in tune of any rhyme. Rhyming is not necessary, you might use traditional tunes or make up on your own to sing is a tune is important.

Children have a good observing nature, utilize it and sing a song to them in actions which can be understood by them more precisely.

Begin with simple stretches and postures; after you have thus set the foundation for the lessons, the best place to start teaching a child singing is intonation.

Every individual is different from other and so are their talent and skill, acknowledge and respect every child’s potential and try to appreciate them to motivate but never draw comparisons between the children as it might drop the building levels of confidence in their tender minds.

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